Sunday, March 3, 2013

Three . . .


I wish I had a way to bundle up all of you into a perfect little blog post so that I never forget anything. You are turning into such an independent little girl. So unique, so you. You are just so much more than I could have ever imagined. Ever dreamed.

So, here is my feeble attempt at capturing you . . .

You are so incredibly smart - like really, truly smart. People always think that you are much older than you really are. It's because of how good you talk. People just can't believe the complete sentences and conversations you can have!

You are more girly than I ever thought was possible. You love to wear your "Summer Dress on the ground with shirt under it." You love your nails painted, bows in your hair, make-up, princesses, Barbies, dress-up, and everything pink!

You have the absolute most gorgeous hair in the world - hair that others only dream of! 

You hate it when daddy calls you any nickname other than the only approved one - Kaiah Princess. His recent favorite is Kaiah pumpkin. Every time he calls you that, you say, "No pumpkin, daddy. Kaiah Princess!"

You will not wear anything other than dresses - not even skirts. Pants are completely out of the question.

You love, love, love your little sister. You are such a big helper. You pick up the sippy cup endlessly thrown on the ground, you throw away the dirty diapers, you "shh" every single tear, and you even share your treats in the car!

You make me so happy and equally break my heart. Most mornings, you say "No work today, mom? Mom, I miss you today. You no go to work, please." Breaks me.

You say the best prayers in the whole world. You always include Grandma WeWe and Uncle Jake, plus unique individual things each day. You love church because you get to wear pretty dresses and play with friends.

Even though you are still really shy, you absolutely love your friends. You always ask for "My Carter" and "My Ciara" and "My Bubba." You wish you could play with them every single day.

You are so incredibly loved. You are so incredibly loved.

Your Mommy


grandma wee wee said...

you captured her perfectly! i love the way she will only talk when she wants to on the phone and her sweet songs of princess and the way she always says i love you wee wee.and her beautiful eyes that go all the way to your heart when she looks at you.

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