Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dear Maisie,

You are two. It is so hard for me. I find you simultaneously 9 months yet 4 years. You are so perfect, it almost hurts. I love you so much it does hurt. You are my everything.

You are ridiculously little, yet act so old. You are completely potty trained but can't reach the sink using a step stool. Everyone it's shocked at how much you do even though you are so tiny. The best things = smallest packages.

You are the absolute sweetest person in the whole entire world. Everyday, I hear "Mommy, I miss you!" or "Kaiah, I love you!" or "Daddy, I want cuddles/kiss your cheek/hugs." You hug tighter than anyone I know and give the most violent kisses and loves ever. I love getting smothered by you, and so does Kaiah. You melt hearts. You draw attention everywhere we go. People instantly love you.

You are smart. Truly smart. You talk so well, hold full conversations, and know exactly what you are saying. The only problem: you have the softest, quietest, and highest voice ever - like a little fairy. It is hard to hear you! So, you have this habit of grabbing the face of the person you're talking to so they will look right in your eyes. I love it.

You are just too much for words. I love you, so deeply and thoroughly that it is hard to contain. Please remember that you are immensely immensely loved. You are everything. You are my baby. Love you, Maisie Face!

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grandma wee wee said...

Maisie it is so hard for me too to believe that you are so old! Grandpa keeps teasing me cause you have been my screen saver since the day you were born! I just don't have the heart to take your sweet little face off my screen! (don't tell your sister or your cousins) ;) You are truly smart,exceptionally smart and I am in awe of you! Your smile is contagious, your voice warming and your face.....perfect like your mommy said!Happy Birthday baby doll! my Maisie face!